Tentang Dividen Simpanan Shariah KWSP

Nota editor:

Sebagai muslim.

Tukar ke Simpanan Shariah KWSP atas dasar kewajipan.

Bukan sebab ambil skim patuh Shariah sahaja mesti untung, mesti lebih tinggi return dari KWSP konvensional. Ada masa tinggi, ada masa rendah dan mungkin rugi.

Ya, sama sebab kita guna perbankan Islam. Sebab kewajipan. Bukan sebab mesti murah dari perbankan konvensional.

Ini keterangan dari CEO KWSP, laporan The Star.

On the question of which fund would generate higher returns, Shahril said that dividends would always be different for the two funds in any given year.

“Our goal is to target the same returns in the long term across both portfolios. So, you should expect similar long-term returns, but will not see the same dividends in any given year,” he said.

The best way to anticipate the difference, he said, was based on the higher weightage on financial stocks in the conventional fund scheme. This, he said, was particularly so because financial stocks were a proxy to economic growth.

“So, this is the main differentiator between the conventional and syariah portfolios,” he added.

Shahril had said previously that over the long term, the difference in return between the two funds was expected to be 0.5% or 50 basis points. The RM100bil fund size that the EPF would allocate for its Simpanan Syariah would be 15% of the pension fund’s total size of RM681.7bil.

“Part of the reason why the sizing of the Simpanan Syariah is at RM100bil despite the EPF being RM700bil in total asset size is partly to make sure we can have the same risk-return profile and the same broad strategic asset allocation across the two portfolios.

“If the syariah fund is too big, we will have an issue in terms of having enough assets in certain asset classes that can give us the same kind of risk returns spread over the long term,” he said.

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