Menjelang Bajet 2017; Ada Sinar Untuk Pembeli Rumah Pertama ?

Macam-macam harapan yang ingin dilihat.

Dalam bajet 2017.

Ini ialah rangkuman yang dibuat oleh akhbar The Star, kami ambil spesifik untuk sektor hartanah. Isu pemilikan rumah pertama. Isu yang hangat dibicarakan oleh masyarakat Malaysia.

Rumah mampu milik atau rumah mampu tengok.


Property developers have reiterated their wish list for Budget 2017, mostly centred on relaxing guidelines for first-time home buyers.

  1. The reintroduction of DIBS for first-time home buyers;
  2. Financing flexibility of 95% loan for first home buyers, 90% for second homes, followed by 70% for third homes;
  3. A higher debt service ratio from 70% to 80% for first home buyers and the loan tenure to be extended from 35 years to 40 years;
  4. Increasing the funds in Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Account 2 from the current 30% to 40% of total balances to allow for higher mortgage down payments; and
  5. Lowering or removing the real property gains tax or RPGT.

Credit Suisse notes that most developers are now focused on “affordable housing”. However, the demand-supply gap in the market remains unmet, judging from the uninspiring mortgage loan approval rate (42% in August 2016).

“We do not believe there will be a broad-based relaxation of cooling measures for the property market, which could fuel speculative purchases once again. Household debt as a percentage of GDP is at a record high of 89%. Milder measures to increase home ownership and dishing out affordable housing projects seems more likely, in our view,” says Credit Suisse.

All that could fuel speculative purchases once again, which Credit Suisse believes is against Bank Negara’s priority to keep household debt controlled (currently 89% of GDP).

“To increase home ownership substantially, what we believe could work is to raise financing only for first home buyers to 95%, and allow for an increase in the withdrawal limit from EPF Account 2.

“However, the latter could require further studies by the EPF due to the long-term repercussions on future retirees.

“What is more certain is that Budget 2017 will continue to focus on affordable housing projects. We expect updates on the progress of government housing initiatives such as PR1MA, SPNB and PPA1M with new allocations made, and developers could also be given more incentives to encourage the building of more affordable homes,” adds Credit Suisse.

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