Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting 2011


30 April 2011 Berkshire Hathaway menjalankan mesyuarat tahunan mereka.

Pemilik syarikat ini adalah Warren Buffett, pelabur paling kaya pada zaman ini. Sila baca LIVE BLOG: The Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting untuk membaca laporan mesyuarat secara langsung dan juga mengambil pesanan-pesanan pelaburan.

Antara yang menarik:

Mengenai emas –

Buffett harps on and on about gold. He says it has no utility, and about how silly people are who are getting in now — when gold prices are near nominal highs. “There’s no question that rising prices…can start affecting behavior,” Buffett said. “People like to get in on things that are rising in prices. Over time, it has not been the way to get rich.”

Mengenai pelaburan indeks –

A woman from Minnesota asks about investing in Berkshire versus a no-load mutual fund. Both Buffett and Munger say most investors are better off in an index fund than trying to pick stocks. Munger says that Berkshire would be good as a second investment.

Mengenai pelaburan komoditi seperti minyak –

Commodities are the theme of the day. A woman from the floor asks about investments in oil, which have been creeping up to record high prices. Buffett, as he said earlier today, said he’s reluctant to invest in oil prices because it’s impossible to guess the direction of oil prices.

“I really think that an intelligent person can make more money over time” in “productive assets rather than speculating in commodities” or in fixed dollar assets, Buffett says.

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