Bagaimana Pemuda Ini Menyelesaikan RM 58,002.31 Hutang Pendidikan Beliau Dengan… Kad Kredit!

Perkenalkan Tuan Aaron Shen Lee Tang.

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Saya tidak mengenali beliau.

Cuma saya diminta oleh seorang peserta seminar kewangan untuk komen pasal tindakan beliau yang menyelesaikan hutang pendidikan Petronas berjumlah RM 58,002.31

Soalan peserta tersebut lebih kurang, “Ok tak kalau langsaikan hutang pendidikan dengan kad kredit, ada saya baca di iMoney ?”

Saya tak tahu jadi saya pun mencarinya dan akhirnya jumpa cerita beliau.

Dan komen saya adalah sama seperti ‘disclaimer’ yang beliau tulis dalam catatan beliau.

  • Credit limit: You can only swipe as much as your credit limit allows. But if you don’t have enough credit, you can always get around it by asking the bank to temporarily increase your credit limit. Or perhaps split the amount over two or three credit cards.
  • Risk: Guess what happens if you miss a payment or pay late? You get hit with the huge 18% interest, and late payment charges. No kidding — there’s significant risk involved here — it’ll only work if you have discipline. If you’re the type that can’t control credit card usage, it’s definitely not for you.
  • Timing: Zero percent interest balance transfers don’t happen all the time. In a worst case scenario, you might need to pay a bit of interest (1-3%). However, the market is very competitive and banks are always trying to outdo each other. When I was searching for my balance transfer, I always had 2-3 different banks to look at. Where to find latest updates on balance transfers? Try iMoney.

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About the author: Suzardi Maulan merupakan seorang fee-based financial advisor.

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